Dito na! Kmart baybeh! 😋🍜 (at K-Mart)

Done with shoot. Thanks awesome people!

Felt sad to see this mark made by my little siblings for our pet dog. God will surely pat our good boy more than we did. #family

That distinct warm acacia and narra scent. #summer

Rest day chillin’. (at 21st Amendment)

The feels! Super nakakapaalala ng last year. Pakarinig ko uli. #NP #nostalgia

Cute-sy patootskie! #gigil

Got a birthday cake for papa. :-)

Goodness gracious I can see the stars. Calling it off, calling it off, just to keep crawling into your arms. #looped

Magandang malamig na umagaaaaaa. It’s rest day! Wmy Geegeeboy!

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