Felt sad to see this mark made by my little siblings for our pet dog. God will surely pat our good boy more than we did. #family

That distinct warm acacia and narra scent. #summer

Rest day chillin’. (at 21st Amendment)

The feels! Super nakakapaalala ng last year. Pakarinig ko uli. #NP #nostalgia

Cute-sy patootskie! #gigil

Got a birthday cake for papa. :-)

Goodness gracious I can see the stars. Calling it off, calling it off, just to keep crawling into your arms. #looped

Magandang malamig na umagaaaaaa. It’s rest day! Wmy Geegeeboy!

Lyndonn. Keep your spirits up. Try to love what you’re doing. Everything will be better in time.

Feasted like a king. Uulitin ko to. #busog

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